4 Lessons on Confidence Learned from Models at London Fashion Week

By January 10, 2019 May 14th, 2020 Blog

“Confidence is all about doing what you’re comfortable with. It’s all about being yourself and expressing yourself.”

Last month I had the amazing opportunity of going behind the scenes at London Fashion week to interview models, actors, designers and reality TV stars on confidence.

As a Confidence Coach, I work with women by supporting them in building their self-confidence in their personal and professional lives, and therefore loved learning about what models and those in showbiz had to say on the topic.

I asked them a few questions to find out what confidence means to them, what they do to boost their confidence, and for a piece of advice that they would give to someone wanting to be in their position.

Based on their answers, I’d like to share 4 lessons on confidence with you:

1. Your self-confidence grows as a result of TAKING ACTION.

As one model put it, “confidence will not come knocking at your door.” Confidence is something that builds up inside of us as a result of being proactive and grabbing opportunities that come our way. Don’t wait until you feel confident because it’s likely that you’ll wait a very long time. Step out of your comfort zone and start taking action. That’s when you’ll feel your confidence begin to grow. A few interviewees talked about how they would often overthink before getting on the runway or in front of the camera, but over time they started to become more and more comfortable with that they had to do to the point where it felt like it was the norm.

2. Focus on the positives

We all have flaws, but the key is to focus on the good around you and on your strengths. It’s so easy to get caught up on focussing on irrelevant details or waste time thinking about what we’re not good at, but the important thing to remember is that whatever you focus on grows. Our thoughts dictate how we feel, so if you want to feel more positive about yourself, start thinking more positively!

3. Fake it till you make it

Now a lot of people won’t agree on this one, because it sounds like the key to success is acting like a phony, but it doesn’t need to be interpreted that way. As stand-up comedian, Romesh Ranganathan says “if you can pretend you’re confident and exude confidence, you’re half way there.” Step out of your comfort zone and act confidently until it starts coming naturally to you.

4. Keep going no matter what

This was a piece of advice that almost all respondents gave to someone who wished to be in their position one day. The journey is really tough, and there will often be people telling you that what you’re doing isn’t a good idea, that you’re not good enough and that you should stop- but you need to believe in yourself and keep going no matter what. Succeeding through difficult times is a huge confidence booster.

What do you to feel more confident in yourself? If you’d like some support, get in touch at aliya.rajah@gmail.com