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About Me

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About Me

I am a life coach and NLP Practitioner, and have a degree in Biomedical Science and a Master’s in Public Health. I was born and raised (just outside of) London and moved to the UAE in 2018.

I am obsessed with personal development and strongly believe that nothing happens by chance or ‘luck.’ The relationship you have with yourself, and the outcomes you achieve in life are a result of hard work, huge amounts of self-belief and the willingness to mess things up and learn from your mistakes.

I am regularly doing things outside of my comfort zone, knowing that it is these challenges that act as a platform for growth. While it often feels scary, I am truly grateful for these moments because of the impact it has on growing my confidence and belief in my capabilities.

At age 23 after completing my Masters I went on to work at a voluntary organisation, coordinating local health projects. Within 6 months at the company, I was promoted to a managerial position. 6 months after that I was offered a Senior Executive Officer role at Public Health England, where I managed multiple national antimicrobial resistance projects.

This role required me to chair meetings with attendees who were 10-30 years older than I was and speak in front of audiences of 200+ people (I resisted this for a while, but now I am so grateful for the opportunities as it allowed me to really step out of my comfort zone!)

Confidence is not ‘they will like me,’ Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’.

After briefly moving onto a tech company, I felt like I was destined for more. Although I had great roles, I didn’t feel as though I was making as much of an impact or utilising the skills I have as much as I could be. I completed my coaching and NLP training and decided to go full time into setting up my own coaching business, specialising in confidence coaching.

Once again, I was completely thrown out of my comfort zone, as business was something I knew nothing about. However, I told myself from day one that the journey ahead will be difficult, but that I can face whatever comes my way.

On a personal level, I have learnt to become a lot more comfortable in my skin. I don’t believe that confidence or even happiness just comes to you, they are a result of consistent and effective habits.

People often describe me as someone who “walks their walk and talks their talk,” and because I am so dedicated to growing as person, I put the same level of dedication in supporting my clients on their journey of self-discovery, self love and confidence building.

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