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Life Coach Aliya Rajah a confidence building workshop for women

I Am Enough: A Self-Love Ladies Night

Dubai: Sunday, 16th February 2020
Abu Dhabi: Tuesday, 18th February 2020

Life Coach Aliya Rajah - an interactive Confidence workshop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Confidence for Ambitious Women: an interactive workshop- Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Dubai: Sunday, 19th January 2020
Abu Dhabi: Tuesday, 21st January 2020

Life Coach Aliya Rajah - Confidence Workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

How to Feel Like a Queen in 20-Twenteen: Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Dubai: Sunday, 8th December 2019
Abu Dhabi: Tuesday, 10th December 2019

“I’d recommend attending one of your events and/or joining the Facebook group as nobody can every say they’re finished in terms of the journey of self-growth, development and their relationship with themselves. The work you do through the events and groups allows people to undertake inner reflection, take incredible pride in what they have achieved and their strengths and look at areas and steps they can take to increase their personal growth.

“For me, before learning about your work, I wasn’t someone who put my hand up quickly to attend events around self-confidence, however having known you for a long time and seeing all of the work you were doing to empower women, in their personal and professional lives, I didn’t have to think twice when you invited me to attend your workshops. In doing so, whilst I thought I knew my own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to self-confidence, I learnt so much more about myself, in terms of who I am as a person, where I excel and where my problems lie. I took so much learning away from hearing the stories of lots of inspiring women who attended the workshops, and from the valuable content and tips you provided. As a result of attending your workshops I have, and this is a forever ongoing journey, learnt the important of saying no to others and yes to yourself at the same time, of why its important to be less self-critical and a perfectionist all the time, why its important to continue reflecting on and assessing all areas of your life and the importance of self-care. From attending the workshops I’ve slowly started putting steps in place to really input these valuable things I’ve learnt in my day to day life.”