What is Women who Flourish?

Women who Flourish is a sisterhood for women who are dedicated to achieving their goals and loving themselves along the way.

Women who Flourish is an online platform designed to support you in flourishing from the inside out. Yes, our mission is to help you to achieve your goals so that you can live a life you love, but alongside how to better connect with, nurture and love yourself too so that you feel more confident and actually enjoy the journey too!

Every month we focus on a different theme to support your growth, we invite guest experts into the club to deliver masterclasses and join us live, and we get together twice a month for group coaching calls to keep you on track and break through the barriers that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

There is absolutely zero judgement in the community, only love and support. If being part of a sisterhood of wonderful, empowering women to encourage and motivate you along the way sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, then this is definitely the club for you!

This group is for you if:

  • You’re on a journey of personal growth and want to learn how to develop the skills to feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.
  • You want to learn how to love yourself more so that you can attract amazing things into your life.
  • You’re ready to get uncomfortable and put in the work to build your confidence and achieve your goals.
  • You love the idea of being part of a sisterhood of empowering women who are there to support you and cheer you on along your journey.

This community is not for you if:

  • You’re not willing to put in the work to make positive changes in your life
  • Building your self-confidence, self-love and achieving your goals are not important to you
  • You’re looking for somewhere to simply promote your business. This group is for support, not selling.
  • You’re not interested in meeting and connecting with like-minded women who are also on a journey of personal growth.

What our members are saying about the club:

"Joining Women Who Flourish has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Aliya’s lovingly created sisterhood has had such a profound impact on my life, and I am absolutely loving the journey Aliya is taking us on to help us to become the very best version of ourselves and to shine brightly into the future. I’ve learned transformative skills that have helped me to understand myself so much better and Aliya’s brilliant coaching sessions have equipped me with the vital tools to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and courage. I’ve always struggled with lack of self-belief, however through Aliya’s enlightening coaching and expert guest masterclasses, I feel so much more empowered and now have the knowledge and skills to help me to flourish. From public speaking to manifesting dreams, to self-reflection and confidence building, I feel so much better than I’ve ever felt before. There is no greater gift than being enlightened through knowledge that heals you and I feel so lucky and grateful to be part of Aliya’s Women Who Flourish programme. I can’t recommend joining this beautiful sisterhood highly enough. Thank-you so much Aliya for popping into my life at just the right time, you are simply amazing and a true inspiration!"


"Women who Flourish is amazing! There’s just something so beautiful about women cheering each other on and sharing their experiences and journeys. Absolutely love this platform! I decided to join Women who Flourish because I’d been to Coach Aliya’s events and loved all of them! When I found out she was starting this platform for women, I was so excited. I also love the idea of being part of a group of women supporting and motivating each other.

As a result of joining Women who Flourish, I’ve been able to enjoy more “me time.” Our calls and group events feel like a kind of self-care. I leave the calls/events feeling rejuvenated! I’ve learned how important it is, no matter how busy we are, to focus on ourselves and our energy."

Dr. Abeer

“I joined Women who Flourish to keep me motivated and structured to progress on a personal and professional level. I’ve really been enjoying the masterclasses as they introduce me to self-development methods that I might not have known. It is always added value and the Q&A with the expert are such a bonus!

Filling my cup with positivity and self-growth tips is definitely helping my flourishing journey.
Since joining the club, I’ve been more regular about daily positive affirmations which has increased my self confidence. I’m improving on setting short-term goals for myself, which pushes me to be more accountable. I realise the importance of fulfilling them because hey are connected to my higher goals. It’s especially fun to be accompanied by like-minded women and foremost our inspiring Aliya leading the way!”


What else is happening in the club this month?

The theme for the month of August is HOW TO OVERCOME BURNOUT and here’s what will be happening in the club:

  • Sunday 1st August: new masterclass available in the dashboard on ‘HOW TO RECOGNISE & OVERCOME BURNOUT’
  • Tuesday 3rd August: Q & A hangout on Zoom
  • Monday 9th -Sunday 15th August: 7 day self-compassion challenge in Facebook group
  • Tuesday 10th August: Live Q & A on burnout with Philippa Holding
  • Tuesday 17th August : Mid-month call: individual presentations (9pm-10.30pm UAE)
  • Tuesday 24th May:  Q & A hangout on Zoom
  • Tuesday 31st August: End of month group call (9pm-10.30pm UAE)

What’s involved?

At the beginning of every month we will release exclusive content to support you on your journey of personal growth and achieving your goals.

A recorded masterclass by a personal development expert on a different topic will be uploaded with some accompanying exercises for you.

We get together twice a month (mid and end of the month) for our group coaching calls. These are very interactive with exercises and group discussions designed to build your confidence, boost your motivation, set goals, review and keep you accountable.
We also have live Q & A's every month, both with Aliya and personal development experts for the members to join and answer any questions they have on the topic.

Is there anything else included?

  • Yes! You will also have access to a VIP private Facebook community where there will be ongoing accountability as well as challenges to help build your confidence, share knowledge, and to celebrate and support one another! The members also love using this space to share self-care and motivational tips! (if you don’t have Facebook don’t worry, it’s SO easy to create an account and join the group).
  • Once you become a member you will also have access to the previous masterclass on the following topics:
    • How to Set Goals with Meaning
    • How to Overcome Negative Thinking
    • How to Tap into Your Feminine Power for Better Results
    • How to Manifest Your Vision and Use Law of Attraction for Success
    • How to Have Flourishing Relationships


What happens once I become a member?

Once you sign up, you will have access to the members club dashboard, where you can find the calendar with the dates of all that’s happening this month (group coaching sessions & live Q & A’s). You can get started on this month’s masterclass as well as access the previous recordings, and download our resources to support you on your journey. And last but not least, you will have access to our private Facebook group where you can meet the other members and join the conversations!

How much time does being a member require? Life is so busy these days!

We understand that the lives of our members are very busy, which is why we’ve made the club really flexible. You will have access to the monthly calendar, which requires you to show up once a week (usually on a Tuesday night) to either the group calls (every 2 weeks) or the live Q & A’s (every 2 weeks). But if you cannot attend any of the live sessions, then you can catch up on the recordings in your own time.

Also, the masterclass by our monthly expert is recorded so you can watch that and complete the exercises in your own time.

How do I know if the club is right for me?

Women who Flourish is for women who are dedicated to personal growth, achieving their goals and want to be part of a like-minded, positive community of women who are there to support you and encourage you along the way. If this sounds like you, then the club is definitely for you!

Are there any other benefits of becoming a member of Women who Flourish?

Yes! All members get 20% off Aliya’s 1:1 coaching programmes.

What happens if I want to leave the club?

Women who Flourish is a monthly membership, which means once you sign up your subscription is renewed on a monthly basis. If at any point you feel the club isn’t for you, then you can cancel your membership at least 2 days before the next renewal date.



3 months:


(save $34!)

(And as we’re dedicated to empowering women from all walks of life, 5% of your membership fee will be donated to Women for Women International (charity number: 1115109), a charity that helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives so that both they, their families and communities can flourish too)

This all sounds amazing, how do I sign up?

Click here to join us

What if I have any questions?

We’d love to answer any questions you have. You can send them to us on [email protected]